February 23, 2014
Micro, cyberfunk, electro

Interlaced split release between Krovo and DJ Funny Powers. DJ Funny Powers specializes in a style of experimental electro called cyberfunk, while Krovo flexes a new style called Micro, which consists of beats bent and twisted into angular shapes that lie somewhere between no wave and glitch. For Krovo, this release is notable for being the first one since Skk that was composed entirely in software.

  1. clisk: iiqher rewind
  2. Throwd
  3. krxl: slow-wave 18mS
  4. Sprode-be-cooked
  5. new tones: raw skin
  6. Qbd
  7. plugh: cpulv resettable
  8. PLKYT
krxl/Qbd album cover