Messer: One Thousand Golden Knives Ripping Holes in the Fabric of Reality

May 27, 2013
Experimental sound-worlds & macro-/micro-structure studies

Krovo's fourth album continues the project's traditional focus on texture, but this time exploring atmosphere and structure as well, with many tracks abandoning traditional forms without settling too easily into any easily definable style. It combines influences from electro-acoustic improvisation, noise, glitch, drone, and no wave into something entirely else, with periodic tangents back into regular electronic music configurations. The album is meta-conceptual in that it's a sequence of micro-concepts, each track effectively a sound world of its own.

  1. Creat: Psychoacoustics & Clipping
  2. Dlysn: Multiplexing, Basing
  3. Phrack: Finding Channels on FM Radio
  4. DDD: Falling Apart as a Function
  5. Cxscxdxs: Injured & Lost in a Pitch Black World
  6. St.DVS: Blessed Be the Saint to Deviain't
  7. Fixxx: Pre-Global Deforestation Scene
  8. Wd+Rn: Atmospherically Inspired Tribute to Luciano Berio
  9. iMes: Unloading Metal Shards
  10. Avsthe: Spaces vs. Sound; Silence vs. Song
  11. Glqwz: Ascending in an Unstable Reality
  12. Ra: Radiance; God of the Sun
  13. Brkkn: Metaphor for Tribal Decay
  14. Delondex: Gray Skies, Red Clouds
  15. Hak: Bent, Bruteforce
  16. Cn@xpfl: Boundary Decimation
  17. Zi: Neverything & Neverywhere
  18. Kludge: Destroyed Discarded Data
  19. Elekk: Neostatic Lines; Neotronic Currents
  20. Dendrite: Disconnecting From the Neural Matrix
Messer: One Thousand Golden Knives Ripping Holes in the Fabric of Reality album cover