July 13, 2010
Feedback sync glitch chaos

Another stylistic break from the first two, Krovo's third album focuses on a specific method of sound generation which was inherently unstable and inharmonic. Because of this, this album is much harsher than the first two, putting it firmly within glitch territory. However, underneath the layers of digital chaos, open-minded listeners can find shapes forming themselves into grooves and broken oscillators that cycle into organic fields of noise. The album creates dualities out of extremes, projecting nature into the digital, and life into the inanimate.

  1. Xtus
  2. Xater
  3. Xilver
  4. Xtoplasm
  5. Xalt
  6. Xorg
  7. Xoz
  8. Xilch
  9. Xend
  10. Xverwxrld
Xyko album cover