This is an incomplete listing of all projects associated with Various minor and retired projects are not included here. "Incubating" denotes a project that may not be ready for general use yet.

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actions (incubating)

post-micro no wave glitch sludge.

cerumod (incubating)

audio candy.

cl-renoise (incubating)

lisp interface to renoise. (incubating)

community for escapist worlds: music, art, games, magick.

piano-mode (incubating)

emacs mode for daw-esque piano playing on your computer keyboard.

thundersnow (incubating)

lisp-based digital audio workstation and live coding laboratory.

worm (working title) (incubating)

action sandbox adventure game in lisp.

zoned (incubating)

tile-based video game map editor in clim.